made from craft beer


We make our whiskeys from ready to drink craft beers and the result is something truly unique. Each expression we make takes on the essence of its parent beer, sometimes subtle, sometimes profound, but always distinctly a whiskey.

Aside from whiskey, we also make a Gin, Wood Isle, made with ingredients found on Angel Island, and a Vodka, California Courage.

Join us on a tour to learn more about how we make our spirits & try them for yourself at our Brewery & Distillery!

Four Legs



West Ashley is an American Sour Ale that is brewed and aged in wine barrels on apricots. Westly is a reinterpretation of West Ashley that was aged on twice the amount of fruit, for twice as long.
To pay homage to their process we have been patiently aging this whiskey in Westly barrels for over 30 months (the longest age of any whiskey we have produced).



Our first core whiskey made from our Chocasmoke Chocolate Oatmeal Stout.

Art By: Niky Motekallem

Inspired by Twin Peaks

Five Pounds

Our second core whiskey made from our Five Pounds Hazy IPA

Art By: Jeremy Fish

Inspired by Telegraph Hill

Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery

100 Hooper Street, Suite #4

San Francisco, CA 94107


Closed until 5/17/20

3645 Lawton Street

San Francisco,CA 94122

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